Matthew Williamson cast his eyes to the skies for this breezy, beautiful collection inspired by signs of the zodiac, birth flowers and stones.


Flowers became William Morris-like prints blooming with abandon over embroidered dresses and trousers or woven into the fabric of bombers and other jackets.


One long floaty skirt was covered in a galaxy print, while a bright teal satin dress popped with gold embroidered horoscope signs, and another shimmered like the aurora borealis with beads and crystals around the bodice. Williamson piled loads of fur — shaggy Mongolian lamb in particular — into the collection, too, in colors such as amethyst, topaz, and teal, some with snowy white tips. There were chubbies, bag-muff hybrids and even little fur cuffs on diaphanous printed dresses. It won’t be long before those rich hippie gals hitch their wagons to Williamson’s star and follow him on his astro journey.