Callens has found a luxurious solution for women who like to wear their gym gear all day. Now in its second season, the brand offers upscale versions of jogging pants, hoodies and sneakers in fabrics like satin, velvet and alpaca that have been treated to make them breathable, waterproof or stretch. “What we do is to bring performance and elegance together,” said creative director Paul Helbers. “You can layer it in a way that becomes more sport, more casual or more luxurious.”


Hoods were a recurring feature, appearing on everything from a bonded cashmere duffle coat to a tracksuit jacket with a satin-silk back. Suede leggings and gabardine pants that pooled on the floor could be dressed up or down at will.


Quality is at a premium in this Made-in-Italy line, which is sure to appeal to exacting women who won’t sacrifice style for comfort. The brainchild of Claire-Anne Stroll, wife of industry tycoon Lawrence Stroll, Callens is expected to launch in the U.S. for fall.