In a very short time, Pookie and Louisa Burch have established their aesthetic: blue-blooded nostalgia for everyday clothes of the Sixties and Seventies. With a retail store, accessories line and men’s wear, they have the collateral to underscore it.

For fall, Pookie used Garry Winogrand’s recent retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a checkpoint, working in references — such as leopard-print jacquard jackets, skirts and mules — from his black-and-white photos into the collection of sturdy American sportswear classics punched up with color and “funny” details. The latter is what Pookie called the scalloped edges of jackets and skirts, the nifty fringed cuff on structured pants, and the shag of a khaki-colored faux fur. Styled in matchy-matchy looks, the collection has a distinct retro twee, but it’s easy to see past it.