TSE is in a Teutonic state for fall, on one hand debuting a capsule collection with German supermodel Claudia Schiffer and on the other drawing on the country’s most recognizable historical costumes for its main collection: dirndl and lederhosen. “I wanted to do something unexpected,” said creative director Tina Lutz, who was also born in Germany.

Indeed, traditional folkloric costumes are seemingly at odds with TSE’s minimalist ethos, yet Lutz incorporated details such as dirndl seaming around the bust of a clean gray dress, and fringe and pom-poms on necklaces, belts and the trim of knit skirts and chunky coats, grounding them in a Zen palette of gray, ivory and black. TSE is synonymous with classic, almost basic cashmere and it was refreshing to see something as imaginative as lederhosen worked into the vocabulary in a way that one doesn’t have to have roots in the Black Forest to appreciate.

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