What matters to Yeohlee Teng are often things many others designers might not even consider.


But she is as much about the science and mathematics of design (in both interest and knowledge) as she is about appearances. And while the clothes are often cerebral, there are no tricks.


In fact, some of her calculations are not even visible.


Take her “no waste” principle, where she chooses seven panels of a very pricey jacquard out of which she creates a four-piece group — skirt, jacket, pants and blouse — leaving only a few inches unused.


Coats are always a highlight, and while there was only one in the designer’s 16-piece offering for fall, it was a beauty.


Done in black and plum reversible double-faced angora fleece, its volume was subtle, its front carefully crafted into a chic crescent shape.


Yeohlee’s clothes are never in your face.


What they represent is fashion by a designer and for a customer with infinite confidence.

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