With a theme like “Urban Riders” it was a toss-up as to what direction Ato Matsumoto would take with his fall men’s wear collection. He took many, applying the term “riders” to everyone from skateboarders to bikers — with quite a few cowboy-inspired looks thrown in for good measure. The result was a cohesive, street-ready collection of leather pants and moto jackets, fringed scarves and tailored overcoats.

Zippers were a common design element, appearing on drop-shoulder sweatshirts, the pockets of jeans and the backs of sneaker boots. Collarless suede jackets, tweed vests, skinny ties and wide-brimmed hats reinforced the Old West aesthetic, while velour pants, a puffer vest and knitwear in contrasting fabrics kept things current. The show closed with a pair of sweeping double-breasted wool coats that read as edgy hipster sheriff.

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