The runway was littered with stacks of pallets concealing fluorescent tube lights as models meandered between them wearing a fall collection of relaxed, street-ready looks with grunge and Southwestern influences. Discovered designers Sanae Yoshida and Tatsuya Kimura said they aimed to emulate casual American style while mixing it with luxurious materials.



Layering was key, with checked flannel button-downs styled over striped long-sleeve T-shirts, knit shorts worn over sweatpants, and different versions of crisp white shirts placed one on top of the other. Ombré checked shirts, work boots and shortalls harkened back to the Nineties grunge era but looked much more polished and modern. Southwestern influences came through in suede and shearling jackets, bandana-print shirts and banded, floppy hats. A black leather jacket looked slightly out of place, but a series of coats, pants and fringed ponchos in a Native American-inspired pattern tied the collection together.