Statement-making prints and patterns dominated the fall lineup at In-Process by Hall Ohara. Bauhaus, Art Nouveau and Seventies textile/print influences converged in the minds of design duo Yurika Ohara and Steven Hall. “We find it fascinating how these aesthetics had unique differences in how they were perceived visually during their own time periods, yet there were great similarities in the decorative approach,” the designers said in their show notes.

Some of the more intriguing by-products of this cross-pollination included a dress and top-skirt combo in a fabric featuring contrasting blocks of Liberty-style wallpaper prints. Other items had a vintage vibe, but still looked fresh — like a color-blocked shift dress with a matching sporty jacket and button-down coats in bold checks. But there were also a few duds, including unflattering flared skirts in the same bold check as the aforementioned coats and some awkward-fitting dresses with Art Nouveau floral embroidery on the chest.