Anyone coming to Tokyo in search of raw, unfiltered creativity should have made their way to a certain club — Shibuya Club Quattro to be exact — on Thursday evening. Mikio Sakabe, one of the city’s leading purveyors of Japanese geeky subculture and just overall weirdness, enlisted four young designers to stage a group show as an opening act to his own presentation. Models wearing creations from the young quartet emerged in a hodgepodge matter irrespective of their designer before assembling in designated groups on raised platforms. Some highlights: Ryota Murakami’s decision to strap a spring onion and plush toy to the neck of one male model and Noriko Nakazato’s intriguing styling incorporating crystals and ping-pong balls.

As for Sakabe himself, he delivered plenty of his own quirk for men — including nurses’ outfits, disintegrating knitwear, pearl-studded jeans and shirts that looked like they were hacked to bits by a machete. It was definitely not your average fashion show.