True to its name, Noir Fr’s fall collection was not a riotous explosion of color. This show was about black clothes — a lot of black clothes. While monochromatic collections risk monotony, you can’t argue with the fact that there is a reason a lot of stylish people like to wear black: It just tends to look good on people.


Syota Masuda turned out a slew of dark garments with silver-foil accents — such as rings encircling the legs of a guy’s skinny pants or a wide strip running down the back of a girl’s turtleneck dress. A few pairs of men’s slim silver-lamé pants punctuated the lineup. There were also some strong outerwear pieces, including variations on the parka for both genders and a man’s coat with leather pockets and shoulder detailing. Masuda said he aimed to create the types of clothes that a ninja would wear, now or in the future. There were plenty of cool pieces to appeal to both mercenary and nonmercenary alike.