To Piazza Sempione loyalists, and any media outlet or retailer obligated to cover the pre-fall collections, the label’s fall presentation in Milan was déjà vu. Several of the looks on display in the installation were also featured in the pre-fall collection. The seasonal spiel — returning to the brand’s roots of chic simplicity on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, with an eye toward a pants revival, as well as the work of artist Sonia Delaunay — identical.


When asked if there was any distinction between pre-fall and fall, a representative for Piazza Sempione told WWD that while the collections have some different styles, fabrications and delivery dates (no, really?), they shared the same big-picture message, And, yes, we were seeing some of the pre-fall looks for a second time, but styled a little differently.


“Some of the items were very strong and our customer loved and bought them,” explained the public relations representative in an e-mail. “We thought it was a good opportunity to boost them with the international press coming to the event.”


The fall presentation was a two-for-one. So to repeat, the new pants — flared; wide-legged and cropped — a minimalist jumpsuit, some brushed jacquard animalia and a fantastic cropped reversible shearling were still chic, smart investments.

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