For fall, the max in Sportmax does not only refer to the label’s parent: Max Mara Group. That’s because the design team went big on just about everything: Enveloping coats that bounced with their heft; roomy sweaters that nearly stretched to the knees; and felt A-line skirts with knife pleats or scarf points that lapped about the legs.


All of this fabric in motion heightened the collection’s exotic allure. Morocco inspired the patchwork leather coats, meant to mimic handcrafted tiles, while nomadic rug patterns were suggested on decorative sleeves, or tabards made of striped fur.


While layered up for runway razzle-dazzle — with crocheted tunics suggesting djellabas, and roomy coats with bold piping bringing to mind caftans — most of the clothes had a modern, minimalist allure akin to Céline, including the lace-up shoes with their sculpted heels. Women will cherry-pick the most versatile items: mesh knits, boxy jackets and swishy skirts.

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