Fall at CG marked an emphasis on tailoring and quiet craftsmanship. In his press notes, Chris Gelinas cited a desire to “give the unsung heroes of construction the same consideration as the more expected elements,” favoring the subtle, intimate details of a garment over flashiness or provocation.


It showed in the opening trio of looks in this elegant, delicate lineup, the prettiest of which featured a blush pink jacquard bustier gown over a cashmere open-shoulder knit top. Gelinas’ fall suiting — always a highlight in his collections — featured skinny pedal pushers paired with ruffled bustiers and tailored blazers pinned with handmade brooches. Most unexpected were a pair of dresses rendered in quilted nylon, a fabric typically reserved for the interior lining of utilitarian outerwear. Done in an abstract pastel print with black contrast piping, they captured the collection’s uniquely feminine spirit.

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