Alex Gilbert Gaines and Jennifer Noyes showed their modest (as in subtle and sanely-priced) fall collection for M. Martin in an equally subdued fashion: taped to the wall as photos, displayed on hangers, and worn by just a few models.


Certainly, up close was the best way to see the duo’s terrific coats and sportswear. Their first consideration is comfort, which translated this season into the ease of pajama dressing: wrapped robe coats and jackets and wide-leg trousers. The tailored touch surfaced in their fabric choices — men’s wear plaids, cashmere herringbones and loden wool.


“We like classic fabrics and less classic, slouchy shapes,” explained Gaines. There was just the right dose of tweaking here, too, as the designers quilted a navy herringbone jacket and cinched the waist of a short-sleeved cashmere jacket, or showed a long gray velvet slipdress under an easy double-breasted loden coat. Basics, such as cashmere T-shirts and jeans, were also in the lineup.


Taken as a whole, it was clear that while M. Martin is still a young company, there’s no shortage of sophistication on the part of the collection or its designers.

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