A fortuitous preshow chat with Steve Francoeur, president and chief executive officer of Sophie Theallet (and the designer’s husband), preempted any chance of confusion about what was to follow: a wild mash-up that was less about fashion than Theallet’s globally aware, devil-may-care spirit — at its best. She’s had gypsy, African and bohemian-inspired shows in past seasons, and she’s cast models of all sizes and shapes. And here they were again, from all parts of the world, in quirky outfits that could have been pulled together from a just-found trunk of vintage costumes.


In the midst of all the fun, there were some genuinely chic looks, where the attention to detail, workmanship and aesthetic mix clearly trumped the fanfare. There was a short, multicolored knit dress under a black silk capelet; bonded velvet or lace bomber jackets paired with long, sheer skirts; a Glen plaid and floral paneled midcalf skirt and top, and a beautiful ivory satin turtleneck gown, swirling under a white Mongolian lamb wrap.


“There is no more a French or American way of dressing,” insisted Francoeur. “Every look is multicultural.” Theallet wouldn’t have it any other way.


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