What would Joni Mitchell’s friends wear to a dinner party at her house in the California canyons in the winter? That’s what Tracy Feith and Winnie Beattie wondered when designing their sophomore season of Warm. Their answer was a collection much in the vein of the laid-back bohemian elegance of Warm’s first collection — and Feith’s careerlong oeuvre, for that matter — but seasonally adjusted with darker colors and richer textures, such as slinky silk velvet and thick woven ponchos.


The look Feith and Beattie are proposing with Warm isn’t new, but it’s relevant and smartly executed. It’s unfair to say there’s an age limit on the beachy boho look, though that ship does sail when it’s too precious. Feith and Beattie were careful to elevate and ground the lineup with fine fabrics, subtle trims and sophisticated prints, in particular the range of lovely English florals set against dark backgrounds. Feith noted a focus on fit. The look remained loose and full of movement, but he cut closer to the body, giving even the hippiest pieces, such as a folkloric dress and a Baja-stripe jumpsuit, polished shape.


The spring collection is shipping to retailers, including Warm’s NoLiTa boutique, Barneys New York, Bird in Brooklyn, and Capitol in North Carolina, in the next few weeks. “With each season we’ll get more focused and find out what people expect from us,” said Feith.

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