Kunihiko Morinaga went for a noisy collection for fall. The designer teamed up with computer programmer Toru Urakawa to create a series of black-and-gray fabric patterns mimicking the visual static from analog TVs, along with the accompanying sounds.


Models paraded inside a plastic box, and when they approached the walls — thanks to visual cryptography — the patterns occasionally flickered or changed from checkered to floral motifs. It’s not clear how the fabrics’ transformative qualities would ever manifest themselves in the real world.


Gimmicks aside, the collection reflected some innovative tailoring, which included wrap coats with extra-bulky shoulders, and pencil skirts and fitted blazers with slanted hems. While the latter two were rendered in pretty jacquards in various shades of gray, Morinaga also created pixilated patterns with laborious patchworks counting more than 1,000 pieces.