Mira Mikati delved deep into the innocent, secure world of childhood, saying she had been inspired by current events to wrap herself in a safe cocoon.


“Play more” was colorfully emblazoned across one design — “Be happy,” “Off duty” and “Dance all night” on others. Mikati’s three children were her main source of inspiration for the cartoonlike appliqués and embroideries that are becoming her trademark: skateboards and headphones for the eldest, aged 13, Tintin’s rocket and naïve floral designs and scribbles for the younger two, 12 and four.


Double-breasted sleeveless coatdresses had giant flower embroideries and the message, “Love me, love me not,” while black leather jackets were hand-painted with colorful designs. Colored rivets spelled out messages on several designs. There was even a quilted coat with black and white drawings just begging to be colored in. For the less extroverted, lighter touches of eccentricity were found on a cropped sweater edged with colorful threads or a pale blue shirt printed with little paper airplanes.


Mikati also introduced a capsule line for men, citing retailer demand.


For the presentation, models jumped on the “Mira’s Happy House” bouncy castle emblazoned with the brightly colored logos featured on the clothes themselves. “The models arrived with long faces and left with a smile,” said Mikati. What’s not to smile about?