Victor Alfaro decided to present his fall collection in Paris this season. Plain and simple, he was playing catch up to the unforgiving pace of the market. After showing his first pre-fall collection in mid-December, “I needed the extra month to six weeks,” said Alfaro. “We’re small.”


It was worth the wait. His lineup consisted of a more tailored, richer version of the “system” of coordinated outerwear layers — tailored vests to go over light jackets, and reversible “two-for” pieces — he’s developed, showing it in a deep palette of navy and purple, and patchworks of Persian lamb fur, mink and double-face wool.


The fits were sharper and leaner than in the past but the chic mood was not necessarily strict. He tweaked the classics, cutting jacket sleeves just above the wrist and working pinstripes on the horizontal and vertical. Instead of buttons, jackets closed with magnets and beautiful brass jewelry that acted like amplified cufflinks, adding decorative glamour in a clever, unexpected way.