Keiichiro Yuri is hailed for his tony leather handbags crafted in Himeji, Japan. Now, he is trying his hand at a clothing line, seeking to bring the functionality of bags to wearable apparel. “I want to express a unique style and feeling,” said the designer who, with his platform shoes, sported a punky look at his runway show.


For this fall collection, the bag-cum-clothing idea came across more clearly in some pieces than others. It was most evident in a hood/vest contraption with a backpack-style pouch in front and a zippered boxy corset-type top worn with baggy pants.


At other times, the clothes simply had a sculptural quality to them. Standouts included an all-leather look featuring ruffled jodhpurs worn with a cropped top with a gold harness across the front. Hefty embroidered fabric that looked like the stuff of kimonos was wrapped into a knee-length dress — not the most wearable item in the world, perhaps, but it made a strong visual impact. Sometimes, though, the clothes ventured into the realm of costume, like one number incorporating no less than a stiff tutu, a massive collar, a feathered headpiece and a pair of loud paisley pants with one leg in gray and the other in orange.


The show’s real highlight was the styling with kooky accessories: Darth Vader helmet backpacks, a pink illuminated elephant head necklace and a space helmetlike hat resembling a bubble of clear plastic (the latter was worn with the aforementioned kimono fabric dress).


For his bow, Yuri himself rocked a dramatic headpiece incorporating a mass of gravity-defying black curls as he strutted down the runway and playfully flipped the bird to the photographers clicking away. Just a touch of anti-establishment bad boy, even as he enters the fashion big leagues.

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