Motohiro Tanji delivered another collection of intricate and experimental knitwear. Several of his sweaters featured quirky, surreal twists like extra neck holes or sleeves. Other times, they had a deconstructed feel to them. In one case, a sweater was wrapped over a pair of knit HotPants as a skirt. Another exit featured what looked like a bunched-up cardigan fashioned into something akin to a bolero.


Texture was another common thread running through the collection as loops of yarn gave one ivory sweater — worn as a minidress — a fuzzy feel. A cropped black number featured enough folds of fabric to give it an almost sculptural feel.


It all looked cool, though Tanji’s sweater girls may need to rethink their outerwear as it would take a voluminous coat to accommodate the surplus yarn and extra sleeves.

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