One of Tokyo’s hottest men’s brands, Mr. Gentleman turned out a cool fall collection melding several themes: sportswear, rugged British-country dress and tailoring.


Design duo Takeshi Osumi and Yuichi Yoshii turned out some great coat options for fall. That was shrewd, as one can still get mileage out of a heavy coat as late as March or April in Japan. Some of the strong options included an olive-green barn jacket with a shearling collar and long navy coat, belted and worn with tartan scarves.


Many pieces were seemingly spliced together with other garments or contrasting fabrics — perhaps a nod to influential Chitose Abe of Sacai. Examples of this hybrid approach included a long gray overcoat with red trim on the hem resembling the waistband of a varsity jacket. A pullover hoodie in red featured a lower panel of a quilted fabric for added length. In another instance, it looked as it a leather jacket and a pair of jeans had mated, producing a motorcycle jacket trimmed in denim.


Beyond the coats that stole the show, there were slim and cropped tailored pants, cozy turtleneck sweaters, blazers in tartan and tweed, plus a sequence of apron-type garments held up with suspenders that had an outdoorsy feel.


Here were plenty of smart, good-looking clothes likely to resonate with the Tokyo hipster crowd.

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