Hosted on the 10th floor of the Blue Fin building, A.W.A.K.E. founder Natalia Alaverdian based her fall collection around the octopus. Models dressed in her eclectic designs either stood in a line, wandered around the room or watched the TV screens, which were playing octopus-themed documentaries.

The sea creature was translated into the clothes through the use of large pleats on the sleeves, which resembled the rows of suckers on tentacles, ballooning skirts and high-rounded shoulders. One body-hugging suit in a dark brown check had elongated legs and sleeves dangling like trailing tentacles.

Asian influences seemed to shine through, too, with qipao-like garments in blacks and browns alongside wrapped, belted jackets with wide sleeves.

Alaverdian’s love of shirting came through with a gorgeous blue-and-white-striped shirt with sleeves that fell in folds to the elbow.

Overall, however, the haphazardness of the presentation made it difficult to grasp the true meaning behind the collection.