Clio Peppiatt’s collection conjured up a streetwise Juliet, hanging out waiting to meet her Romeo after connecting on Tinder. Peppiatt said she’d particularly looked to Baz Luhrmann’s punkish, 1996 film adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy for inspiration in imagining her star-cross’d lovers.

In that vein, Peppiatt’s Juliets wore their – often multi-colored – tresses in mussed-up quiffs, and sported pieces such as a pink, faux-fur coat inset with images of stars and flames; a delicate peach tulle dress, embellished with sequinned, blood-red roses and paired with Converse sneakers, and a slinky red silk jumpsuit, embroidered with creeping vines.

Adding an edge to the collection, Peppiatt also imagined the less rosy side of modern dating – noting that she wanted to play on “skepticism versus anticipation” – with a love rat motif that she peppered throughout the collection. It turned up as a cute print of dancing rats on a red gingham mini-skirt, and as lavish, sequinned embroidery on a blue faux fur jacket. It was a fun, eclectic collection, with Peppiatt’s knack for telling a story tying the lineup’s exuberance together.