Jackie JS Lee channeled a sense of nostalgia for her childhood into this cocooning collection.

Lee, who hails from Seoul, said that she wanted to hark back to the feeling of dressing up in her parents’ clothes together with her four siblings, and sent out looks in often playfully oversize proportions.

There were mannish, tailored wool coats, their neckline and breast buttons so dramatically low they hit the knees, while one mint green jacket tied with a huge knot at the front was worn with roomy culottes. Some dresses evoked oversize shirts, such as one white cotton number with padded shoulders and a dropped drawstring waist.

But the highlights were those looks that wove in Lee’s touchstones in a deft, subtle way, giving a wearable nod to the play on scale. Among them were a snow white, skinny-rib sweater paired with a navy wool wrap skirt, worn with a scarf in a thick, jaunty knot around the neck. Or a camel-colored knit sweater with elongated sleeves, paired with matching cropped pants with wide, swingy hems.

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