Sleek, strong shapes and a rainbow of punchy colors were the hallmarks of Marta Jakubowski’s collection. “It’s quite early Nineties,” mused the Poland-born designer on the sidelines of her presentation Friday. “I really feel like a lot of women back then dressed up for themselves, rather than trying to impress anyone.”

Among the looks were draped, high-waisted pants in shades of orange or hot pink, paired with tight, midriff-baring velvet tops that gathered and tied at the waist. Jakubowski also sent out mini and shiftdresses that looked as if they’d been crafted from deconstructed puffer jackets — another Nineties staple that’s enjoying something of a revival.

Tailored styles got the designer’s multicolor treatment, too, as in a hot pink, tailored jumpsuit with a jacket top.

With Jakubowski’s models assembled as a tableau against swaths of material in colors that echoed the clothes, this concise collection made a powerful, feminine statement.

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