When most people think of a cardigan, the traditional button-down sweater comes to mind. Fortunately they can be much more — just ask  siblings Nicolò and Carlotta Oddi, who presented their tribal-inspired line of cashmere knits Alanui at a showroom installation. The collection consists mainly of handmade oversize Cariaggi cashmere pieces.

The results are special enough that they seem one of a kind — even if they are not. “Some of the embroideries can take 15 hours to complete,” Nicolò said. “We carry some of them over because they are so unique, but each season we add a few new things.” For instance, this season’s additions include a group of handmade cable-knit sweaters with fringe across the bodice and sleeves as well as ponchos with fringed pocket details. Year-round, the line carries styles with colorful indigenous motifs and fringy hems and necklines for both men and women.

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