Maurizio Pecoraro’s designs for fall reflected photographer and artist Jack Pierson’s lettering and textile artist Faig Ahmed’s melted and pixelated rugs. The first look out set the tone, with a mannish herringbone coat embroidered with letters in different colors and sizes, which — in later looks — also spelled out phrases, as in a pantsuit where “the one and only” was clearly visible.

Ahmed’s carpet theme translated into loose pants, dresses or coats, as well as accessories, such as wide belts and roomy flat clutches.

Pecoraro also showed broadwale corduroy pantsuits in bright green or an eggplant shade, accented with furry details.

Shapes were generally oversize and fabrics such as melange flannel and windowpane Tasmanian pointed to a men’s wear inspiration, but there were also a number of feminine patchwork dresses that added a romantic air to the collection. The lineup may not have been run-of-the-mill, but it was cohesive and Pecoraro’s work with textures kept it interesting.

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