Massimo Giorgetti just couldn’t get the characters and images from “Twin Peaks” out of his head. And that was good news because his fall collection was a dream, a slightly otherworldly outing aglow with synthetic shades of aqua, lime and acid green.

Backstage, the designer pointed to promotional posters for the David Lynch series, images of the isolated characters and film sets done in saturated colors and graphic patterns. He said he wanted to channel American collegiate looks — and ravers, too — into his fall offer.

A pattern of magnified, cutout roses blew across a shiny pink raincoat, and a shorter one with fat fur sleeves. Shiny satin dresses, some with little pouf shoulders, were covered in flowers as well as with a dark-and-light forest print mimicking the skyline of the mythical Twin Peaks, Washington. One dress with the acid yellow sky was jarring and beautiful.

An embroidered bird flapped across the back of an oversize varsity jacket, while long and short fur coats came in colors like moldy green, olive or electric aqua with contrast stripes or chevrons on the arms.

The lace pieces were childlike — and slightly eerie — as in one layered, ruffled dress with sporty stripes snaking around the wrists. Sickly chewing gum colors — electric lime and blue — looked best on short trapeze dresses with dramatic ruffle sleeves.