It looked like the closest the Sportmax woman gets to the gym is sprinting past it on her way to brunch. With this zippy fall show — a brisk parade of graphic, athletic-inspired clothes pinned on pointy slingbacks — it looked like her idea of sport is simply getting dressed. She might wear leggings underneath her white wrap coat with luscious knit sleeves, but they’re most definitely not Lululemon and she has no idea what Spiritual Gangster is (does anyone?).

A return to spare sportif, the collection felt fresh, even if elevating track pants, windbreakers and sweaters with active slogans like “Run” on them to a level that’s completely inappropriate for performing any kind of sport is a bit silly. Limiting the palette to black, white, navy and orange gave the lineup a zing and the sharp silhouettes — oversized sweaters and outerwear over lean bottoms — felt right on. It almost goes without saying that the coats, including a set of black and white chic-ed up “jean” jackets, were some of the best items, and the roomy sweaters with slouchy sleeves and jumpsuits in crepe de chine stood out, too.