It’d be remiss to talk about Ace & Jig without mentioning the strong emotional reactions it generates with its fans in the social sphere and the communities it creates in reality. Fans are drawn to the unique Indian yarn-dye woven textiles that designers Jenna Wilson and Cary Vaughan introduce each season, holding swap parties in cities the world over, and varying social media hashtags to engage in conscious collection and messages of positivity. Currently “#jigweek,” devotees are sharing uplifting quotes they associate with their purchases; other tags have included “aceweek” and “#ace&jigstack,” where followers fold and stack their collections for others to compare. It’s a budding community rooted in solidarity and diversity.
Launched in 2010, the brand has been resolute in creating nothing but hand-woven textiles and generally pull over styles — no prints, trends or gimmicks here — with a thread of effortless ease. Lest one think collections could become monotonous, weaves of different weights, textures and yarn counts keep the range quite large. Plays on reversible silhouettes and options to wear some items back-to-front keeps it fun and universally appealing. There’s an inherent feeling of organic, approachable design. Highlights from fall included reversible two-ply wovens (not lined!), 3-D tufts with a reverse flat polka-dot and graphic black-and-white patterns and stripes. A brown striped coat (Vaughan’s favorite), reversed to a thinner blue stripe, and another striped dress with asymmetric front-facing buttons provided versatility in layering. Some patterns were more subtle than others, but it was all distinctly Ace & Jig.

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