A military inspiration ran through Artistix men’s and women’s collections, presented with a single show at The Jane Hotel. Andy Hilfiger and Greg Polisseni developed a kind of uniform for urban boys and girls. Ribbed sweaters, paired with jeans and cargo pants, came decorated with military patches, while some outerwear pieces, including a men’s bomber and a women’s parka, were splashed with a multicolor camouflage pattern. The color palette was focused on fall, warm tones of the abstract paintings of Polisseni’s “Harvest” series. The artworks were actually reproduced on a pair of men’s jeans and on a women’s vest matched with flared pants. The lineup also included more openly feminine designs, including a flight suit with a plunging V-neckline and an asymmetric fitted skirt showing a corset-like lace-up detail. Although there were also a few quite eccentric styles, such as a skin-tight jersey dress in the “Harvest” pattern, the collection looked a bit too safe and conventional considering both Hilfiger’s and Polisseni’s artistic backgrounds.

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