Amsterdam-based denim brand G-Star Raw hosted its fall and pre-spring 2018 presentation, showcasing their latest styles in an installation and model format. Their New York headquarters was divided up into four rooms, each one dedicated to elements of the process or styles they wanted to highlight. These were: the Elwood (one of their most popular, which fuses biker and workwear elements); the Denim Fit Zone, the Innovation Zone, and the G Star Elwood X25II (which is the pant styles curated and designed by Pharrell Williams).

“The brand has been around for little bit under 30 years, the way that we design has not changed, we use a design philosophy called hybrid design where we take two existing archetypes and we clash them together making something new and that starts in our headquarters in Amsterdam where we have a gigantic archive,” said Sean Peron, their head of brand strategy. ” This archive is primarily men’s wear garments and utility garments, and if you look back this is because it was men working back then…for us is important to take these men’s wear inspired garments and bring them to modern life and to women,” said Rebekka Bach, head of women’s design.

Military green jeans gathered at the bottom, a denim high-waisted romper with suspenders and sleeveless white denim jackets with slim-fit, five-pocket jeans were some of the standouts.

“G-Star in the world of denim is fairly new and we have a lot of respect for the brands that have been around for over a hundred years — they own that classic western heritage world of denim and we understand and respect that, what we are about is the future of denim — where can denim go and how can you explore it in different ways” said Peron.

This is visible in some of the styles — especially ones where 3-D design techniques are applied to flatter the body and strategically placed seams and pockets creates the illusion of a more narrow and slender figure. Innovation-wise, the brand has focused on researching the body’s movement, resulting in pieces with knit inserts, which allow for a more flexible pant or jacket.