Last season’s VFiles finalists Ground Zero took a more relaxed approach for their fall presentation held at China Chalet, the Chinese restaurant that acts as host du jour to some wicked after-hours raves. It was a fitting setting for a brand whose latest collection drew inspiration from club attire, albeit that of the late-Eighties and early-Nineties variety in Hong Kong.

Brothers and codesigners Eri and Philip Chu recalled a story of being stranded and searching for a bus home after midnight amidst the bustling nocturnal scene in Hong Kong, fascinated by the fashion, hindered only by their underage adolescence. At the presentation, Philip said it opened his eyes and was the first time he got the chance to see really cool people.

Fall was a reinterpretation of key fashion elements of that night, including volume, languid silhouettes, deconstruction and velvet, handled with an undercurrent of grunge and graphic images. Chinese characters that translated as “Midnight Crazy Dash” reflected on that adrenaline-pumped night and the downtown scenesters the collection is sure to attract. Offbeat cotton and silk shirting, graphic hoodies, sporty wintry outerwear and tailoring in both checks and quilted velvet were strong proposals for the gender-unconcerned urbanite.

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