The mood at Marie Mazelis’ latest Halston Heritage collection was a resounding “lazy sexy,” a theme that referenced a quote from writer Susan Sontag: “It is not the position but the disposition.” She infused an attitude of comfortable luxury into relaxed silhouettes, with long fluid lines, lots of layering, soft tailoring and flounce motifs playing to the idea of accessible glamour. She also looked to artists such as Angela Glajcar and Kerry Vesper to influence the roundness of shapes and architectural knots, and Romain Langlois for the metallics accented throughout.

The ease of the collection came through in luxurious satin jumpsuits with slit pant hems (an iconic Halston silhouette), drapey signature slips (done this season with two major slits), and a softly tailored gray suit grounded with silver pointy flats. Textural metallic evening gowns, silver accents on a black front-to-back dress, cashmere knits and a denim coatdress with bunched-up sleeves provided a weighted balance to those flowy shapes. Adding to the organic, effortless nature of the clothes, bags featured hardware inspired by original pieces from a collaboration with Elsa Peretti as well as “H” symbols taken from vintage bags. There was shine, texture and a touchable quality that easily coexisted with the clothing.

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