Kobi Halperin recently journeyed to St. Petersburg, Russia, where he made his first visit to the State Hermitage Museum.

He returned to New York inspired by the craftsmanship of the art collections in each of the museum’s historic buildings, including the Winter Palace and the Museum of Porcelain. “I went from room to room, collecting inspiration from every piece of art, the floors, the ceiling,” he said during a walk-through.

Drawing from the museum’s candelabras, hand-painted vaulted ceilings and botanical gardens, Halperin poured references into a plush, hyper-feminine fall collection. Marked by rich textures, sparkle and romantic flourishes, the lineup showcased his signature lace embroideries, which decorated soft dresses and blouses with dramatic, pleated lace bell sleeves.

Halperin incorporated broaches of butterflies and jeweled accents, which mirror the metal work of the Winter Palace. His palette also paid tribute to the museum — emerald greens were reminiscent of its malachite columns, while spice and marigold pay homage to the famous Amber Room, in the nearby Catherine Palace, which is decorated in amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors. Halperin’s signature embroideries and novelty laces stood out beautifully against these rich hues.