Alex Gilbert and Jennifer Noyes believe in empowering women through a functional, stylish wardrobe — so it’s no surprise that in this heated political climate, they’ve had a lot of inspiration from which to draw. “We were inspired by our strong women, by our mothers,” said Gilbert, pointing to a wall covered in photos of iconic women.

All of which brought them to think about the suit. “Suits as a story and as something in your closet that has the ability to be practical, strong, empowering, versatile and easy — because for us, it’s always about being effortless,” Gilbert said. Therefore, they proposed updated versions of the staple, like a velvet option, a double-breasted corduroy, a belted (optional) crepe, and evening suit, among others. And, keeping with the practicality theme, all could be combined with most other pieces in their collection. “It’s really a wardrobe approach,” said Noyes, highlighting core pieces offered year-round such as essential knits, pajama dressing, key shirting and robe coats.

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