Designer Lindsay Jones presented a fall collection grounded by comfortable fabrics with touches of subversion and political protest. The overall mood of the clothing was relaxed insouciance with a homespun essence. Taken apart, many of the silhouettes retained a simplistic quality that veered too safe, too forgettable. Where Jones succeeded was in areas that challenged conventions, like a male model wearing a floor-length sweater dress with side cutouts; a similar dress with a built-in mitten; a deconstructed sweater with a bra stitched atop, or another sweater dress that scandalously opened up at the naval with the sway of a hand. She showed a hoodie with politically driven intent; proceeds from that, along with T-shirts and hats with similar statements, will be donated to Planned Parenthood. She ended her show with a message of positivity: a bare-chested model holding a banner with words including “love,” “kindness,” “equality,” “justice” and “diversity,” to name a few.

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