In fashion, you can fly under the radar until someone famous wears you. Just ask Norisol Ferrari, who has been getting quite a bit of attention ever since Melania Trump wore her black tailored double-breasted military coat at an inauguration ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

Ferrari had previously stated, “I wanted to give [Melania] her own voice. Empowering women is all that matters to me. I do not discriminate whether for race, religion, color of skin, sexuality, political affiliation — what have you.”

Perhaps as a way of walking her talk for fall, Ferrari created a woman’s fist motif print, which also came as an embroidery on the backs of silk-lined sweatshirts and jackets.

“No one could have predicted where we stand today…in the woman’s movement,” she said. “I can’t say that I am happy about it. I’d rather us not have to stand up and continue to wage the same battles we’ve been waging for generations, but I am happy to give a connecting point between all of us [who] feel so passionate about it.”

Politics and ideology aside, Ferrari has a precise hand for tailoring and knitwear. Her compelling suits are extremely well constructed. A polished camel jacket and pants were done in a double-face crepe she chose because it looks substantial but feels like a T-shirt. “Comfort is key,” she said.

Ease in getting dressed also matters to Ferrari, who puts multiple zippers on her garments so that women can easily get in and out of them. Cases in point for fall: a short suede dress featuring zippers on both sides and a gown with a hidden zipper in front.

As for knits, Ferrari showed an Army green handknit cashmere cardigan that wrapped like a robe. It was trimmed in velvet and lined in silk. “If I were told I could only do one thing from now on, it would be knitwear,” she said. “It’s what I love the most.”