Can an old, not-so-comfortable embroidered couch serve as inspiration for a fashion collection? Yes, according to Jordana Warmflash. The designer looked to her boyfriend’s grandfather’s sofa for the lovely floral pattern that she splashed on several pieces of her pretty fall collection. For example, the motif appeared in two versions on a lovely asymmetric frock, then it got blown up and re-created with precious sequined embroideries on an A-line sleeveless dress. There was a playful feel running through the colorful lineup that also demonstrated Warmflash’s passion for artisanal techniques. These found their best expression in the bubble-like 3-D texture of hand-knitted sweaters and dresses, as well as in the flamboyant chiffon fringes hand-stitched on a silk frock. The hyper-feminine appeal of most of the pieces was cleverly balanced by more rigorous designs, such as a covetable double-face cashmere belted coat. Instead of following the biggest trends, Warmflash smartly continued to shape a sophisticated, timeless aesthetic for her promising up-and-coming brand.

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