Anton Belinskiy leaned into workwear and ath-leisure with a unisex collection heavy on tracksuits and coveralls. An emissary of post-Soviet streetwear cool who was an LVMH Prize finalist in 2015, Belinskiy opted for a low-key presentation at the Palais de Tokyo in which a band of young, non-professional models lazed around in the season’s looks, playing on their phones and talking among themselves as if they were stuck in a waiting room.

The collection was highly graphic with long, knit dresses in stripes or sweaters emblazoned with an exchange-rate motif that was a recurring theme in the collection. Other superlong looks included a trenchcoat in teddy-bear fleece that seemed wearable enough, while a cobalt satin nightdress was less convincing. A button-front black frock with voluminous sleeves mixed Asian references with a cheeky Seventies vibe.

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