Marie-Christine Statz continued injecting surprising twists into this well-executed, cool urban line.

“For this collection, I was interested in strong women in general, but I was looking at those who worked in aviation and racing in the Thirties and Forties,” she said. “These women had no gender boundaries in what they were doing. Because it was such a masculine domain, you had to be kind of fearless in a way to do this.”

Think Amelia Earhart.

For fall, Statz presented a focused line with an abundance of deconstructed traditional suiting, including quilted black leather vests belted around the upper torso, and harnesses looping around the looks, giving them a utilitarian spin. Bottoms ranged from sheer A-line skirts to cropped skater pants.

Standout ensembles included a great mixed-media camel coat with leather details and fur sleeves, and black, high-waisted pants (nodding to traditional overalls) paired with a mottled, transparent shirt.

This mostly monochrome collection was interspersed with jolts of red and pink.