“A woman in a marble cave, looking for flowers,” was the storyline. Sounds incongruous? It was a little, with the wardrobe switching from an icy palette and sport-tech-infused mood to deep purples and a retro vibe.

Christine Phung continued on her mission to modernize the house, opening with a swirling, revisited marble print from the archive that came splashed across total-look ensembles pairing masculine elements like duffel coats with feminine pieces such as pleated skirts, the house’s signature flowing dresses and palazzo pants. Sporty blousons had iridescent surfaces, with some of the materials giving off a plastic-y aspect. Cream fur jackets sported accent prints, as did a nice patchwork suit with the pattern broken up with white, black, blue and silver lamé blocks.

Hooked on purples and burgundies, the latter section felt more now, with the multicolor intarsia mink, great jacquard pants and black separates with placement floral motifs channeling the Seventies.