Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia continued to steer Shiatzy Chen on its neo-Chinese-chic-meets-West path, juxtaposing handcraft-intensive embellishments with sporty silhouettes accessorized with hiking boots.

Classical motifs from the East and West that meandered between rococo flourishes and rich Chinese embroideries cohabited on the contemporary silhouettes.

The more elaborate looks included a silk jacquard gown dancing with dragon and lion motifs that was designed in China and woven in Italy, which the designer paired with a shrunken baseball jacket with an embroidered dragon on the back.

A run of white lace looks tricked out with bows and court sleeves paled a bit in comparison. The buttery red leather dresses with ruffles worn with embroidered over-the-knee boots bridged the themes better.

Standouts included the bordeaux and dark gold Lurex parkas that brought subtle shine into the mix, a pastel silk cocoon coat with a lovely Chinese embroidery of a tree on the back and a bottle-green dress with a gold print that formed the perfect balance between the two distant worlds.