An accomplished classical ballerina, Chika Kisada creates clothes with an urban sensibility inspired by dance and music. For her first showing during Tokyo Fashion Week, she sent out street-ready looks that redefined elements of typical dance costumes: ruffles, pleated skirts, and lots and lots of tulle.

In the usual ballet colors of white, black and pink, Kisada crafted looks that exemplified a modern notion of femininity: baggy pants, shirts with puff sleeves, ruffles and peplums, and calf-length tulle skirts that were open in the front. A black blouson jacket with a tulle overlay, a long, open-knit sweater dress, and a series of voluminous, gathered tulle dresses represented some of the edgier pieces, while a shapeless floral print frock felt too matronly amongst the rest of the offering.

Kisada closed her show with a masked model in a giant, bubblegum-pink tutu and silky ruffled top. After making her way just halfway down the runway, she returned to the end, where she played a quick, upbeat song on the piano before the lights went down.