Birds do it, bees do it — even educated fleas do it: Now Christopher Kane has done a whole collection about it, complete with black leather and colorful lace, cage dresses, silky slips and slashed fabrics.

Before the show, Kane said sex was just part of human behavior, “and for me it’s fascinating if done in a very beautiful, provocative and sensual way. My clothes are there to empower women. It’s always about empowerment for me and about that beautiful, almost Hollywood glamour.”

Kane has long explored sex in his collections, along with science, the natural world and outer space. While he may have built the collection around the controversial theme, it was more about the idea than the act, a meditation on the power of clothing, plus a few erotic illustrations from “The Joy of Sex” and “More Joy of Sex” on marabou-trimmed dresses and tops.

Admittedly, there are not many women out there who could brave the tight, lipstick-red lace dress that barely covered the essentials, or the sheer plastic skirt with a furry trim. Otherwise it was mostly PG-13.

There were shiny leather tabard dresses adorned with lace bibs and high collars, gray woolen coats with slashes down the arms, black dresses that sparkled with colored crystals and shiny, Swarovski fringe swinging from coat lapels and “Chicago”-style cage dresses, but no scandal and plenty for the Kane customer to choose from.

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