For fall, Faustine Steinmetz delved into her French roots and dug out 10 iconic staples from the French closet to reinvent. She picked relics from the Aughts including Levi’s 501s, the Burberry trenchcoat, Fendi baguette, cream silk shirt, monogrammed Gucci boots and an Hermès scarf, and reimagined them through her variegated lens.

Steinmetz sent out a lineup that cleverly showed the stages of deconstruction and reconstruction of each garment. The show kicked off with a series of sleeveless denim jackets buttoned to look like shirts. The right shoulder and collar were replaced with mint-colored silk panels and paired with high-waisted jeans. As the collection advances, the jeans and shirt are slowly transformed through felting until the garments’ original denim and silk fabrications are obliterated.

The second series of the collection is a reversal of that idea — a sleeveless mint silk shirt is worn with textured shorts. With each look that follows, the sleeves grow in length and the shorts become less felted until they are just a regular pair of shorts belted with a Chanel-inspired braided belt.

Steinmetz continued to riff on variations of these 10 key items, showcasing the masterful couture techniques she honed while in Paris. Among the highlights are the evolution of the trenchcoat, which began as a loose interpretation of the simple mac and ended as a voluminous monogrammed mohair blanket coat, and the silk scarf that went from being a skirt to a scarf top encrusted in crystals.

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