Natasha Zinko RTW Fall 2018

“Working women, work it!” said Natasha Zinko ahead of showing her over-the-top collection of layered looks that were meant to take women straight from their boring corporate jobs into some lively after-hours pursuits. Zinko layered her Pepto-Bismol pink, acid yellow and patent leather designs under oversized gray gabardine blazers, which models shed to the tune of Dolly Parton singing “9 to 5.”

“It’s about power dressing – and how women are always ready to show a different side,” said the London-based, Ukrainian designer before the show. “And likes layering,” added Zinko,  pointing to her models, who were bulked up with clothes before the show. “She doesn’t need to go home to change.”

Zinko staged the show at the most corporate of spaces, the Queen Elizabeth II conference center near Westminster Abbey, and it was a fitting foil to the zippy collection of dresses worn with patent leather thigh-high boots, a puffer-inspired strapless ball gown in acid green and a long purple sequin dress cinched with a black-and-white houndstooth belt.

There were some more tailored looks, too, including roomy suits in a lavender or gray Prince of Wales check, for women who aren’t ready yet to show up at the water cooler in purple sequins and patent leather.

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