Victoria Beckham channeled her love of contemporary art into this soft-edged, colorful collection that was inspired by the colors and creations of Jean-Michel Basquiat and David Hockney.

“I’m always inspired by contemporary art, and I think that you can feel that when you look at some of the prints. There’s also a bit of a Warhol feel about this collection with all the Polaroids,” said the designer, pulling out a midi skirt with a repeating pattern of blurred Polaroid images taken by the artist Maripol of Basquiat and his peers.

The collection also drew from the color palettes of both artists, in the form of a cornflower blue chunky corduroy jacket and a long corn-colored coat with a zip front and big patch pockets. Beckham went big on burgundy, too, in the form of a soft shearling motorcycle jacket and buttery leather tops and dresses.

The collection was full of textural contrasts, with a chunky fisherman’s knit sweater hanging on a rail near a snappy gold pleated skirt at the presentation space at Mark’s Club in Mayfair.

“VVB is easy to wear, with lots of soft tailoring pieces, and I always like to have fun with it as well. It’s making dressing easy for my customer, so you don’t have to think about it,” Beckham said.

She said she’s happy to mix her signature collection with VVB, and pointed to the ensemble she was wearing: a pair of black flare trousers from her signature collection and a VVB T-shirt that read: “It’s a Dark but Happy Place,” Beckham’s comical reference to life behind her ubiquitous sunglasses.

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