Bigger was better for Izumi Ogino, whose collection was devoted to oversize and  generous silhouettes. In other hands, these proportions could have gone haywire; Ogino’s delicate fingers and sense of balance saved the day.

Some of the strongest looks in this collection could have doubled as Victorian nightgowns, albeit silk, color-blocked ones: Dresses were long and sweeping, with tight cuffs and billowing sleeves. Some came with pleats, others with button fronts. Knit dresses were also a study in volume, with details such as floppy, chunky necks, thick ties across the back or long sleeves that stretched out like accordions.

Outerwear was supersized, too, with big velvet capes swooshing down the catwalk and a short, dark blue fur with sleeves so big they swallowed the model’s arms. One elegant cream wool coat came with a built-in scarf big enough to ward off Alpine climes — serendipitous timing as Milan braces itself for a snowy week ahead.

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